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The Holidays Arrive in July with the 2021 Holiday Barbie® Dolls!

By Allen Voivod

It may be the height of summer right now, but the holiday season will be here faster than you can say "Season's Greetings!" It's such a joyful time of year, and we love the fact that we can get started with the celebrations early by releasing an annual favorite – the 2021 Holiday Barbie® Dolls from Barbie® Signature!

It's a beautiful tradition that's lasted for more than three decades, one that always finds a new way to warm the heart like a warm hearth on a snowy day. The Holiday Barbie® doll features everyone's favorite global fashion icon in the kind of ball gown you'd only see at the most lavish holiday parties. And the 2021 entry is no exception!

To take this year's doll to new heights of glamour and elegance, Barbie® Signature called on designer Carlyle Nuera. "I’ve designed the annual Holiday Barbie doll twice before, the 2017 and 2018 editions," Carlyle says. "It’s always an honor every year! It’s one of our longest running series, and a series that debuted the same year I did, in 1988. I’m as old as the Holiday Barbie doll!"

Though the names have changed from time to time over the years, this is the 34th consecutive year to see new Holiday Barbie® Dolls arriving on store shelves and in people's hearts. "It’s an honor for my doll to be part of someone’s holiday décor, like on their mantle or on top of their tree," Carlyle adds. "Or when this doll is part of someone’s holiday traditions, like their parents always gifted them a Holiday Barbie every year, so they gift their children a Holiday Barbie doll every year!"

And with such a long history of spectacular designs, it takes a whole lot of holiday spirit to come up with a gown as bright and bold as the ones that came before it! We asked Carlyle about his process and approach to creating his third Holiday Barbie® Doll…

"For a doll design like this, I always start with high fashion research," he says. "Hard metal or plastic bodices have historically shown up on high fashion runways and they are currently popping up in editorials and music videos, too. So I wanted to take that inspiration and put it on the Barbie doll."

The 2021 Holiday Barbie® Doll fulfills that inspiration with a metallic bodice, shining with sculpted "gemstones." But that's just the beginning of the magic in this part of the gown. "The silver metallic bodice features sculpted gems in classic gemstone cuts like marquise, pear, and baguette, sculpted princess seams outlined in pearls with sculpted bugle beading, sculpted corset-like lacing on the back, and sculpted holly leaves along the front neckline for a holiday winter feel."

With a doll like this, you might expect that the fashion is not removable, but Carlyle has another surprise for Barbie® fans here. "The bodice is fully removable too!" he reveals. "The front and back pieces snap together; I worked with sculptors and engineers to make the snaps integrate seamlessly into the design of the sculpted bugle beading and to fit perfectly on top of the gown."

As for the rest of the gown, the full skirt glistens with a silver shimmer, complemented by a voluminous tulle peplum. It sparkles from every angle! Off-the-shoulder ruched sleeves echo the tulle peplum, giving the impression of a light dusting of snow. Carlyle also points out that the floor-length skirt is "woven with silvery metallic threads in a moire-like pattern."

All three dolls also wear silvery “pearl” earrings, with sparkling eye makeup and bold red lips to accentuate the overall look. Where they differ is in the hairstyles. One doll features long, braided hair styled in a chic half ponytail accented with baby hairs. Another wears her long brunette hair styled in glossy curls, with a braided headband detail. And the third doll appears with long blonde hair styled in sleek, sideswept waves.

Each of the 2021 Holiday Barbie® Dolls will be available for $40 in the online shop. When they arrive, there will be a limit of two (2) of each doll per person, so as many Barbie® fans as possible can enjoy the magic of the season with these unique collectible dolls! (This limit is subject to change at a later date.)

Throughout this wondrous season, may the 2021 Holiday Barbie® Dolls bring a glimmer of light, peace, and love to you and those you hold dear. In packaging that’s ideal for display, this collectible 2021 Holiday Barbie® doll makes a great gift for Barbie® fans of almost any age. There's no need to wait for winter weather, either – get your 2021 Holiday Barbie® Dolls right now in our online shop!


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I would to see a Holiday Barbie with reproduction  bubble cut or American girl face, dressed as elegantly as the vintage clothes that were popular back then except it would be Christmas themed. The vintage clothes were absolutely stunning.  That would be a Christmas to remember Barbie!!

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On 8/10/2021 at 5:59 PM, My magical doll collection said:

I am versus used by the store had to come out in July I would’ve preferred it to come out in the actual winter time

Its winter in Australia/the southern hemisphere right now 😆 

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