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An Icon for the Ages: 65th Anniversary Barbie Dolls

Mattel Creations Staff 

True fashion and elegance never go out of style. If you ever doubted that, all you have to do is look at Barbie to prove the point. Her 1959 debut at the New York Toy Fair is legendary, an actual world-changing moment in history. Over the past 65 years, she’s become the world’s most famous global fashion icon. Now, on the occasion of her March 9th anniversary, Barbie doll’s original design has inspired a chic modern tribute. 

To celebrate six and a half decades of fabulosity, we’re thrilled to join the party with the release of two 65th Anniversary Barbie Dolls. At Mattel Creations, Barbie Signature members will have 24 hours of member-restricted shopping time, starting March 5 at 9pm PT.* On March 6 at 9pm PT, if there are still dolls available at MattelCreations.com, we’ll release them to the general public. 

When our team set out to honor an original, they knew no detail could be overlooked. The black-and-white striped design is inspired by the classic chevron swimsuit the first-ever Barbie doll wore. A fitted sweetheart bodice blooms into a voluminous striped skirt, creating an elegant silhouette for this eye-catching ballgown. Long black gloves add an extra touch of style to her stunning look. 

Her expression is a familiar one as well – the coy, side-eyed gaze that launched billions of Barbie dolls into the world, with blue eyeshadow and red lips reminiscent of that No. 1 Barbie doll, also known as the “Original Teenage Fashion Model.” Cat-eye sunnies and a waterfall ponytail complete the tribute, but for the occasion, we’ve added a little something special. Sparkling “sapphire” earrings wink out from her tumble of curls, the emblematic gemstone of 65th anniversary celebrations.  

This debut day for the 65th Anniversary Barbie Dolls is also the start of something much bigger. It marks the beginning of 65 days to celebrate the impact Barbie has had on the world, inspiring generations and shaping the future. So don’t miss out on your chance to own these two dolls. They’re more than just beautiful designs – they’re commemorative keepsakes for a remarkable moment in Barbie doll’s history.  

Could contain: Shoe, Figurine, Glasses, High Heel, Adult, Female, Person, Woman, Face, DollCould contain: Sunglasses, Shoe, Figurine, Doll, Toy, Person, Adult, Female, Woman, Face

During the member-restricted shopping window at Mattel Creations, the dolls may also be available at participating Target and Walmart locations, as well as Amazon.com, Target.com, and Walmart.com. 


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This doll looks amazing!!! I’m addicted to the classic original Barbie. This doll is such an elegant example of the dolls I had during my Boomer childhood. Thank you!!

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